If Trump Is Indicted Over Stormy Daniels…Nobody Will Give A Damn

By Dick Morris on March 13, 2023

If New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicts former president Donald Trump, nobody will care. It won’t cost Trump a point and it might even redound to his benefit by showing the world the insane depths to which anti-Trump fanatics will descend to stop him from becoming president again.

Of all the many, many charges invented by ambitious far left prosecutors against the former president, the Stormy Daniels case is the least damaging to Trump. Everybody knows what happened: A virtual prostitute either invented a sexual tryst or had one and used it to blackmail Trump in search of a payoff.

To prosecute a former president who is the favorite to win the Republican nomination for a second term on the word of a porn actress is prima facie absurd.

There are indeed some never-Trumpers who will seize on such an indictment to write, yet again, his political obituary. But the more anyone considers the substance of the offense, the more any reasonable person will conclude that it is not grounds for rejecting a candidate for president, to say nothing of a former president.

Let’s suppose that the prosecution’s account of the incident is true. Who will care? When threatened by blackmail, as Daniels indeed confronted Trump, who would blame a public figure for seeking to silence her by paying her off?

Nobody would see the transaction as more than what it is: Silencing a woman who is either a liar or a hooker in search of a payday.

Dressing up the charges against Trump as campaign finance violations or fraud won’t fool anyone. Nobody will take them seriously even if the letter of the law was broken and a crime was technically committed.

Remember how scandal-mongers — Republicans this time — tried and failed to convince America that Bill Clinton’s lies about his affair with Lewinsky were criminal perjury. But we all realized that they were really nothing more than the result of an embarrassed man trying to save his marriage and his career.

People resented the Republicans for wasting their time and airing dirty laundry on television where their kids would see it and voted Democrat in the elections of 1998.

Nor will anyone take seriously the testimony of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen about his role in arranging the payoff. Cohen’s habit of lying to appease federal prosecutors in search of a lighter sentence are too well known. He has cried wolf often.

Alvin Bragg and Stormy Daniels have a lot in common. They both want to get paid off — Stormy with money and Bragg with praise from the rapid anti-Trump media. They both have misconduct to conceal –Stormy for her pornographic career and Bragg for failing to prosecute serious, violent felonies in New York City.

Trump’s supporters should publish detailed accounts of real criminals who Bragg won’t prosecute or to whom he gave generous plea deals.

It won’t be hard to transform Bragg from the prosecutor to the defendant any more than it will be to change Stormy from the victim to the offender.

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