Hungary’s Border Fence Was Built Fast, Cheap, And It Works

By Dick Morris on March 25, 2019

Along its 109-mile border with Serbia, Hungary has built a 13-foot-high fence featuring concertina wire (barbed wire in circles). It took six months to build (July-December of 2015) and cost $106 million. It was built by contractors and 900 Hungarian soldiers.

The fence consists of three rows of razor wire with a sturdier 11.5-foot-tall barrier inside.

By contrast, the Trump Administration is hoping to build a 1500-mile fence along the Mexican border and planning to spend upwards of $15 billion on the construction, ten times as much.

And the Hungarian fence works! Before the barrier was built, in September of 2015, 138,396 migrants entered Hungary over the Serbian border. Within the first two weeks of November, the average daily flow had dropped to only 15 people.

Hungary has also built fences along its border with Croatia and is considering barriers on its other borders.

A country of only 9 million people, Hungarian Premier Vicktor Orbán (disclosure: a former client) notes that Hungary has a very limited capacity to absorb foreign immigrants without seeing its native ethnic population overwhelmed, ergo the fence.

The European Union, having failed to stop illegal entrants from coming in from Asia and Africa, has criticized and even sanctioned Hungary for its fence, citing the requirement of open borders within the EU. But Hungary rightly contends that if the EU cannot police its borders effectively, Hungary must take up the slack.

As President Trump battles Congress and seeks special dispensation from the courts to fund a border wall, one wonders why we can’t build a border will as cheaply and as quickly as Hungary did.

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