How A White-Hot Nevada Oil Rush Could Make Investors Rich

  on December 11, 2013

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The latest, incredible breakthrough in oil and gas exploration:

“EOR” Changes Everything!

Now, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology is creating a
brand new shale oil boom in under-explored Nevada!


Dear Energy Investor:

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is the latest breakthrough
technology that’s opening vast new shale oil deposits in
places where big-oil has historically tried and failed.

EOR is the incredible new technology that will make the U.S.
the world’s biggest oil producer!

It’s a whole new ball game.

And, right now, if you’re early to recognize the NEXT PLACE
that EOR will have a game-changing impact, you could cash in
on what may prove to be some of the oil world’s biggest-ever

Groundbreaking tech opens door to new U.S. energy revolution!
According to a recent report from Lux Research. . .

EOR technologies could increase the world’s petroleum
supplies six-fold in the coming years to 10.2 trillion barrels!

As a direct result of EOR shale oil exploration has already
exploded in parts of Texas and in the Bakken of North Dakota.
And now, lease-hungry big-oil companies are hell-bent on
developing the NEXT still-undeveloped shale oil prospect.

EOR has already made millionaires of investors who were early
to jump on some of those first Bakken exploration companies.

As just one example of the kind of profits you could have made…

EOR turned an early investment of just $1,000 turned to $310,580…
When Brigham Exploration exploded from
$1.14 to $37.15 for a gain of 3,258%.

Your key to similar big profits? Gaining an early foothold
where big-oil is headed next.

As I”ll show you in a moment, giants like Amoco Corp., and Noble
Energy have already invested millions of dollars in previously
under-developed… Nevada!

And here’s what I believe is the best way to cash in on the next
phase of the EOR revolution:

Gray Fox Petroleum (GFOX) is a brand-new start-up that has
‘practically stolen’ a 100% working interest in 32,723 acres
that all the best geological evidence says sits atop a vast
now-recoverable shale oil deposit!

One of the industry’s most experienced and respected Registered
Professional Geologists, Stewart A. Jackson, Ph.D, P. Geol, P.
Geo, just concluded an extensive survey of the West Ranch

A recent signed Report states that. . .’the total potential for
the prospect is 1 – 1.25 Billion Barrels of Oil.’ But now. . .

Thanks to EOR, Gray Fox Petroleum’s Nevada Prospect
could hold even more than its recently estimated
1 – 1.25 Billion Barrels of Oil!

And here’s the thing: to all its big-oil neighbors, that 1-1.25
billion barrels of estimated oil is as tempting as ice cream to
a ten-year-old. I predict that it’s just a matter of time before
you see Noble Energy and EOG Resources in an all-out bidding
war for GFOX!

Buy shares of Gray Fox Petroleum Corp. (GFOX) now while you
can still get them at around $1 a share and you could. . .
Turn $10,000 into $300,000 in the next 6 months!

Big-oil needs to scoop up the small exploration companies
already in the space to solidify its dominance. And in my
opinion, a big-oil takeover of Gray Fox feels like a done deal!

It could be only a matter of time before one of the majors steps
to the plate. I’m predicting early investors in Gray Fox (GFOX)
are likely to be rewarded with the same sort of 3,000% gains
produced when EOR made possible the earlier Bakken revolution.

Nevada is next. And Gray Fox already has an early foothold!

Act now, and when one of these land-hungry, big-oil predators
strikes. . .

This $1-a-share stock (GFOX) could trade for $25 or $30!

At the price Gray Fox paid for the West Ranch Prospect, it looks
to me as if the company could easily be worth 3,000 percent more
the the current value of its stock.

Personally, I think Gray Fox’s seasoned management will drive a
hard bargain when it comes to selling. Own shares now and when
big-oil buys, you could be in for huge gains.

Take a look at recent big-oil activity, and you’ll instantly see
that it’s got Nevada squarely in its sights:

At the price Gray Fox paid for the West Ranch Prospect, it looks
to me as if the company could easily be worth 3,000 percent more
the the current value of its stock.

Personally, I think Gray Fox’s seasoned management will drive a
hard bargain when it comes to selling. Own shares now and when
big-oil buys, you could be in for huge gains.

Take a look at recent big-oil activity, and you’ll instantly see
that it’s got Nevada squarely in its sights:

– Giant, Amoco Corp., already has 4 Nevada wells with total
production of 5.48 million barrels of oil. It has got to be
looking at this Gray Fox property.

– International energy giant, Noble Energy (NYSE:NBL; market cap
$83.42B) just announced an aggressive $130 million development
project, which, thanks to EOR technology, could produce as much
as 50,000 barrels of oil per day by late 2014. That’s enough
petroleum to match Nevada’s entire 2012 oil output in about one

– Noble’s proposal to use EOR technology to drill as many as 20
exploratory wells more than a mile deep is undergoing an
environmental assessment by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.
The international energy giant hopes to secure the necessary
permits and start drilling by the end of the year.

– Petro Hunt has just leased substantial acreage immediately west
of the the Gray Fox Prospect.

– With ownership of 75,885 Nevada acres, EOG Resources, Inc.
(NYSE:EOG $46.7B) is a potential buyer.

– So is Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (NYSE:COG $14.8B) with its
65,260 acres;

– As well as SM Energy Co. (NYSE:SM $5.3B) with its control of
197,634 acres and. . .

– Newfield Exploration Co. (NYSE:NFX $3.8B) with its 91,000
Nevada acres.

I don’t know who the winning buyer will be, but I’ve see the deal
that Gray Fox made when it bought this 32,723 acre West Ranch
Prospect and any of the majors would be crazy not to pounce.

How much might a PB Amoco or an ExxonMobil (market cap $376.5
billion) be willing to pay to own all the shares of GFOX that
you can buy now if your hurry for around $1 a share?

This is as close to a sure thing as you can get. It’s informed
speculation on my part of course, but I wouldn’t be at all
surprised to see the big boys square off in an all-out…

Takeover war that could begin at
$25 a share, end up at $30 or more!

That would mean that if you act now while you can still get GFOX
for around $1 a share. . .

$10,000 could turn into $300,000 in the Next 6 Months!
Remember the incredible fortunes that were made when EOR first
opened the Bakken to the profitable extraction of shale oil?

If you followed what happened to some of those early Bakken
energy stocks, you already know that getting in early was the
key to making huge profits.

An early investment of just $10,000 would have rewarded you with. . .
$100,780 Profit!
Rosetta Resources rocketed from $4.06 to $47.82 for a gain of 1,078%.

$220,000 Profit!
Primary Petroleum traded for just 4 cents. It peaked at 92 cents for a gain of 2,300%.

$130,730 Profit!
Northern Oil and Gas rocketed from $2.22 a share to $32.69 for a gain of 1,473% .

$80,030 Profit!
Abraxas Petroleum traded at 65 cents and peaked at $5.87 for a gain of 903%.

$60,380 Profit!
Whiting Petroleum traded at $10.06. It peaked at $74.26 for a gain of 738%.

$310,580 Profit!
Brigham Exploration exploded from $1.14 to a $37.15 for a gain of 3,258%.

Now, Gray Fox Petroleum (GFOX) could be
the NEXT chapter in the EOR revolution!
Who am I? Why should you listen to what I say?

You’ll find my track record, as well as more-complete details on Gray Fox
Petroleum (GFOX) and its West Ranch Prospect when you click on the link below:

Read about the Nevada oil boom and GFOX here:

P.S. If you’re wondering if now’s a good time to get in. . . consider this:

The OTC market where GFOX trades ‘ as well as all exchanges ‘ has experienced
lighter than usual volume recently. That means fewer buyers and lower prices.
And that’s the perfect time to buy GFOX, because when the crowd returns and
volume picks up, this $1-a-share bargain could easily double or triple.

Spotting under-valued stocks poised for big gains is exactly how legendary
investor Benjamin Graham amassed his fortune.

In this low-volume market all it takes to send a $1-a-share stock soaring
is a handful of aggressive buyers. I can’t stress this enough: you need to
own shares of GFOX now before the buying begins.

Buy now at around $1. . .sell some at $4. . . and hang on till the bidding
war drives GFOX to $15 to $30 a share!

Read about the Nevada oil boom and GFOX here:

Best Wishes,

Tobin Smith

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