Holder Quit Because Obama Knows GOP Will Win Midterm Elections; Needs Loyal AG To Conceal Scandals

By Dick Morris on September 26, 2014

Eric Holder’s resignation, just 40 days before the midterm elections, shows how jittery Obama is about losing control of the Senate this November.

While Holder likely is getting out of Dodge before federal judges weigh in and order the release of documents showing he covered up the Fast and Furious and IRS e mail scandals, the timing of his resignation suggests that Obama wants to be sure that he has time for a Democratic lame duck Senate to confirm a replacement.

With so much dirty laundry stacked up in the closets of the Justice Department, Obama didn’t dare let in an Attorney General who is not a total sycophant. Were he forced to negotiate with Senate Republicans in order to get confirmation, he might have to accept an honest Attorney General who would clean house and bring all the laundry out in public.

Were Holder to resign after the Republicans control the confirmation process, the full dimensions of Obama’s plan for a one-party nation would be exposed.

We would know the details of how the Justice Department:

• Targeted conservative groups for audits to intimidate Republican donors and activists.

• How Holder seized AP phone records to scare any member of the Administration who might be inclined to leak out the truth.

• How the Justice Department uses Wall Street lawsuits to retaliate against firms that don’t donate enough money to the Democrats

• How the failure to prosecute fraudulent voting fits in with his strategy to steal elections.

• How the failure to prosecute food stamp and welfare fraud encourages a voting population to be dependent on federal checks.

The timing of Holder’s resignation is the most eloquent commentary possible on Obama’s real estimate of his chances this November. A confident president would have felt no pressing need to name a new Attorney General now, with his party still in control.

But Holder and the Justice Department have become the key operatives in Obama’s power grab and he needs to keep its illegal activities secret.

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