Hillary’s Stealth Announcement

By Dick Morris on April 13, 2015

Hillary began her Presidential campaign yesterday. How’s she doing it? Stealthily, quietly, secretly, weirdly.

It started with a tweet. The least technical savvy person on the planet is now hip.

It’s really a lot easier that way. No more speeches, no elaborations of her message, and, most of all, no room for annoying press questions. Just a set number of characters and a quick message.

She tweeted that she was taking a “road trip.” She’s actually sneaking into Iowa, riding in an unmarked secret service van for the more than1000 miles from Chappaqua to Des Moines. Along with Huma Abedin and another aide, they’re taking an undisclosed route, stopping randomly at gas stations for photo ops. When she gets to Iowa, she’ll attend meetings closed to the public.

What’s she hiding from?

Emails, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation.

To grasp the essential differences between Hillary and Bill, all you need to do is to compare their two political journeys — Hillary’s stealth trip to Iowa and Bill’s boisterous train ride to Chicago to claim his renomination in 1996.

Bill traveled on a train loaded with media, making highly publicized stops as he wended his way through every swing state en route to Chicago. Hillary is traveling in a van with no media, in secret. Nobody knows her schedule and no media is there to witness her trip. Bill spoke from the rear of the train a la whistle-stop at each station along the route. Hillary is not giving a single speech, but is tweeting about her trip stops so nobody asks any questions. Bill spoke for hours, often having to be practically dragged off the stage to be as on time as possible for the next stop. Hillary communicates by tweeting. 140 characters is perfect for her message. Bill wanted as many people as possible to participate in his triumphant passage. Hillary wants privacy and secrecy.

The two voyages illustrate the key differences between the two people — and why Bill won and Hillary won’t.

Bill is an extrovert. Hillary is introverted. Bill is almost naively open. Hillary is closed. Bill loves publicity. Hillary fears it, distrusts it. Bill needs to hide his private life. Hillary must conceal her public one. Bill welcomes questions and is at his best at town halls fielding them. Hillary wants controlled situations. Bill loves microphones. Hillary avoids them. Photo ops are her style.

Bill is a born politician. Hillary is a born bureaucrat. Bill thinks as he speaks. Hillary hues to a script, blundering when she make the slightest departure. Bill enjoys the give and take. For Hillary there is only the take.

And so begins a campaign like no other — hidden, paranoid, secret, controlled, and scripted. Just like the candidate.

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