Hillary Loses Her Majority (MOJO)

By Dick Morris on December 22, 2015

In the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, taken right after the third and most recent Democratic debate shows that Hillary has lost crucial ground in the Democratic nomination battle.

Before the debate, Rasmussen had her defeating Bernie Sanders by 50-29 (a margin of 21). Now her lead is down to 16 points – 46 to 30. Her four point drop in vote share is huge because it means that a majority of the Democratic primary voters do not want to vote for her.

Sanders won 30 points in the poll, O’Malley got 7 points, 9% favored some other candidate, and 8% percent were undecided.

So 46% vote for Hillary and 54% don’t.

Hillary has lost her majority. In the previous Rasmussen Reports poll, Hillary still had a majority of 50% while Bernie was back at 29%.

Once you lose your majority in politics, you are in trouble. Hillary is now in trouble.

(After the first debate, Hillary led 50-26, so she has dropped four and Sanders has come up four since the debates started).

Ominously for Hillary in the general election, Sanders soundly defeated Hillary by 53 to 33 among Independents who said they would vote in the Democratic Primary — a prime target for the Republican candidate in November.

Hillary’s candidacy is all about gender. Men broke even between Sanders and Clinton while 55% of women supported Hillary.

To see the full poll — Click Here!

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