Hillary’s Health Gives Trump Huge Opening

By Dick Morris on September 15, 2016

Hillary’s health now gives Donald Trump a second chance to make a good first impression — something as rare in politics as it is in life. Already polling is suggesting that Trump is surging in the wake of her collapse at the 9/11 ceremony. The New York Times/CBS has the race even among all voters and gives Trump a two point lead among likely voters. Rasmussen has The Donald two ahead. Reuters has it tied. LA Times/USC gives Trump a six point lead.

Animating the data is a sense that she may be far sicker than she is letting on. Check out this video by a Parkinson’s doctor correlating her episodes of fainting etc. with the more serious illness. Click here to view video.

While Trump’s surge is more of a bounce than a shift in the underlying pattern of the race, he has a chance to make it permanent. If he continues to act presidential and avoid unforced errors, he can assume a permanent, sustainable lead. Voters are giving him a second look now that Hillary’s illness leads them to question her viability. If they find a dignified, positive alternative in Trump, they are likely to feel more comfortable in backing him.

Already Trump has begun to fill the bill, triggering his surge over the past three weeks — prior to 9/11. His visit to flood-ravaged Louisiana, his meeting with the Mexican president, and his policy pronouncements on national security, the economy, immigration, and child care all projected a presidential image effectively.

In the meantime, consider this list, catalogued by WND.com, of Hillary’s health episodes:

• In 1998, while campaigning in New York, her right foot started swelling causing her pain. Bethesda Naval Hospital doctors diagnosed a large blood clot behind her right knee.

• In February, 2005, she fainted during a campaign speech and her aides had to catch her to break her fall. They blamed a gastrointestinal problem.

• On June 17, 2009, she fell and fractured her right elbow while walking to her car. The break required surgery.

• In 2009, Hillary also had a second blood clot that was diagnosed as “deep vein thrombosis,” dangerous because the clot could break lose and cause a pulmonary embolism.

• On January 12, 2011, Hillary tripped and fell boarding a plane.

• On December 15, 2012, Hillary had to cancel an overseas trip due to a stomach virus. While ill, she fainted and fell, sustaining a concussion. Husband Bill said that her injury “required six months of very serious work to get over.”

• On December 31, 2012, during a follow-up exam at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, doctors discovered another blood clot (her third) in a large vein along the side of her head between the brain and the skull.

• Throughout 2015 and 2016, Hillary has had prolonged coughing fits while giving speeches. She attributes it to seasonal allergies.

• On July 21 of this year, Hillary had what appeared to be a seizure while campaigning. Recorded on video, her head seemed to move uncontrollably for about ten seconds.

• On September 11th, at a memorial service, she had to leave the event while it was still in progress. She had to be propped up as she walked to her van and collapsed getting in, losing a shoe in the process. She revealed later that she had been diagnosed for pneumonia on September 9th but attended the event anyway.

We are entering unexplored territory here. We have never had a presidential candidate who had to pull out before the election. If Hillary resigns, the Democratic National Committee, two from each state, will choose her replacement. While Tim Kaine would get consideration — and Bernie would get none — Joe Biden is the likely choice. And he is harder to beat. Be careful what you wish for.

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