Hillary Crashes Below 40%

By Dick Morris on September 11, 2015

Yesterday, I did a lunch alert video called “Hillary Collapsing” (Watch It Here!). It was based on a poll showing her at only 42% among Democratic primary voters. Now, a new CNN poll has her at 37% with Sanders only ten points behind at 27%.

And, against Republican rivals she is either behind or in a statistical tie.

But that’s not the really bad news for her. The really bad news is that she has crashed below the 40% barrier. On his worst days, Obama has never had less than 40% approval. But now, in the Democratic primary, Hillary draws less than 40% of the vote. This means that Obama’s base is deserting her in droves.

It also means that Biden will probably get into the race. With Hillary sinking like lead and Sanders rising to fill the vacuum, Biden will face the strong pleas of his fellow Democrats to rescue them from oblivion by avoiding the nomination of a leftist Sanders or a failing Hillary. The pressure will be irresistible to run.

Particularly galling is Hillary’s eroding support among Democratic women. In the CNN poll, she only wins among women by twenty points: Hillary: 41%, Sanders 21%, Biden 20%. The fact that 59% of Democratic women vote against her is a potentially lethal indicator.

Hillary is in desperate trouble.

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