By Dick Morris on May 5, 2011

Dear Friend,

Thanks, in large part, to your massive outpouring of calls and emails in January and February of this year, the parole board denied granting parole to Oscar Lopez, the founder and leader of the Puerto Rican terror group the FALN.

However, Lopez has now appealed his parole denial. Please help keep the pressure on this unrepentant terrorist by contacting the parole board once again. The letter below contains all the information you need to contact the parole board.




Dear Reader,

Thank you for your support earlier this year when parole was denied to terror leader Oscar Lopez. It was a great victory over terrorism.

Hopefully this victory will not be short lived as Lopez has now appealed his parole denial.

It’s more than ironic, some might say tragic, that as our country “celebrated” the demise of one terror leader this week, several American families, (at least one, also a 9/11 family) were once again slapped in the face and forced to deal with the insult and pain of having to fight to keep another terror leader in prison.

Oscar Lopez Rivera founded and lead the Puerto Rican terror group FALN who proudly claimed the murder of six innocent Americans during their 130 plus bombing reign of terror from 1974 to 1983.

Thirty three year old Frank Connor (Go Here For photo: was one of four innocent men murdered by the FALN’s cowardly and calculated bombing as they ate lunch at New York’s historic Fraunces Tavern on January 24, 1975. Incredibly, Frank’s cousin and god son, Steve Schlag, was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11 as Frank’s two sons witnessed the attacks only blocks from both Fraunces and the WTC.

Just this past Monday, while learning of our fantastic Navy Seals bringing justice to Osama Bin Laden, these 1/24 families received an email from the Federal Parole Commission informing them that FALN terror leader Lopez’s appeal would be reviewed by the parole commissioners next Tuesday, May 10 with a decision to be made within days.

After successfully taking down one terror founder and leader, how can the Federal Government even consider releasing another?

Please once again join with those families and all American families and respectfully demand the parole commission affirm their original decision, deny parole and ensure the unrepentant terrorist Lopez completes his sentence.

If you agree that Lopez should not be paroled, please urgently fax or call the parole commission. A link to the commission’s telephone number and sample letter including a fax number are included below for your convenience.



Remember we have only a few days left to make sure that our great take down of Bin Laden is not compromised by the release of another terror leader sworn to our destruction.

Thank you,

Joseph F. Connor
(Son of Frank Connor)

Below are links to additional background information:

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