By Dick Morris on November 3, 2010

Dear Friend,

I wanted, first of all, to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your massive support and the outpouring of funds and interest to back up my efforts on behalf of Super PAC for America. We have succeeded amazingly.

As background, I divided my efforts into two categories: there were races where I was personally involved advising the campaigns and working to help them raise money. There were others in which Super PAC was involved in independent efforts. I had no personal involvement in those races and was, therefore, able to raise funds for Super PAC for America (superpacusa.com) to make independent expenditures in those districts.

(NOTE: Federal law prohibits any person from being both active with the campaign and also making expenditures from another group regarding the same candidate).

In each of the races where I was involved, I loved working with the Tea Party groups, particularly TeaPartyPatriots.org. They propelled these victories with their energy and commitment.

In the races where I was directly involved with the candidates and campaigns, we won the following 28 Congressional races, all takeaways from the Democrats: (asterisk denotes districts where I personally campaigned)

Nan Hayworth, New York*
Tom Marino, Pennsylvania*
Lou Barletta, Pennsylvania
Mike Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
Robert Hurt, Virginia*
Scott Rigell, Virginia*
Morgan Griffith, Virginia
Mike Keown, Georgia
Austin Scott, Georgia
Sandy Adams, Florida*
Dan Webster, Florida*
David Rivera, Florida*
Steve Palazzo, Mississippi*
Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi*
Tim Griffin, Arkansas*
Rick Crawford, Arkansas*
Francisco Canseco, Texas
Steve Pearce, New Mexico*
David Harmer, California*
Scott Tipton, Colorado*
Cory Gardiner, Colorado*
Randy Hultgren, Illinois*
Todd Young, Indiana*
Sean Duffy, Wisconsin*
Jim Renacci, Ohio
Bob Gibbs, Ohio*
Bill Johnson, Ohio*
David McKinnley, West Virginia*

We lost a few, too: Sam Caligiari, CT, Dan Dibecella, CT, John Gomez, NY, Frank Becker, NY, Tim Burns, Pa, Beth Anne Rankin, Arkansas, Ryan Frazier, Colorado, Tom Ganley, Ohio, and Brad Zaun, Iowa.

Each of these men and women has a special place in my heart. They worked their tails off and deserved to win!

In addition, I also advised Super PAC (superpacusa.com) on its independent expenditures in 23 other districts. In these, I had no personal contact with the candidate or the campaigns, but through Super PAC and your generosity, we produced and ran television ads and/or made robo calls into these districts. We won eleven of these races. Without your help, we would not have been able to help elect these new House members:

Paul Gosar, Arizona
Ben Quayle, Arizona
David Schweikert, Arizona
Steve Sutherland, Florida
Raul Labrador, Idaho
Tim Walberg, Michigan
Chip Cravaack, Minnesota
Michael Grimm, NY
Richard Hanna, NY
Scott DesJarlis, Tenn
Reid Ribble, Wisconsin

That means there would, literally, be five to ten fewer House victories had you not helped our Super PAC efforts.

So, in all, we’ve been involved in 40 of the 65 House takeaways, either directly with the campaigns or independent of them.

Thank you for your wonderful, magnificent, ongoing help! Sorry we bugged you so often, but it was worth it. Wasn’t it?


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