GOP Must Investigate Clinton Uranium Deal

By Dick Morris on May 1, 2015

A week ago, The New York Times broke a front page, lead article story that detailed how Russia, led by Dictator Vladimir Putin, took over Uranium One, a major uranium mining concern. The article noted that as the transactions unfolded, “a flow of cash” totaling $2.35 million “made its way to the Clinton Foundation” from a foundation controlled by the Uranium One company CEO.

The paper also revealed that right after the Russians said they would buy a majority of Uranium One stock, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech “from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.”

Finally, the newspaper pointed out that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton — also the recipient of these funds deposited in the joint account she shares with her husband — approved Russia’s acquisition of Uranium One.

The NY Times noted that it did not know if “the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium deal.” But, it said, the episode underscores the “special ethical challenges” presented by the Clinton Foundation.

And that’s where the paper left it.

Tens of millions of Americans, reading the story, doubtless assumed that the Republican led Congress would get to the bottom of the affair and find out what role each of the Clintons played in the transaction. But since the story, there has been little or no action from Senator or House Republicans to investigate further.

Where is the GOP? Where is Congress?

The appropriate investigating committees of the House and Senate should convene a full investigation. They should subpoena the former president, Guistra, and the others involved in the transaction. They should ask national security experts to enlighten us about the risks of a large Russian presence in our domestic uranium market. We should hear from utility executives on how they would be impacted by Russian control of a fifth of our uranium.

Where are the defense hawks? McCain? Lindsay Graham? They should be out front denouncing Clinton’s actions and demanding a full explanation. The Times story raised key questions about conflicts of interest but also begs the question of whether or not a former president and his wife — a serving Secretary of State running for president — worked with Russians and Canadian mining interests to approve a deal that might prove injurious to the United States.

Bill Clinton did not disclose donations to his foundation from Uranium One — the go between in the deal. And, according to the New York Times, his aides “helped start a Canadian charity that effectively shielded the identities of donors who gave more than $33 million that went to his foundation.”

All this just adds fuel to the fire. In fact, the former president even lied to the media about meeting with Guistra in the first place. But where are the flames? Is the GOP asleep at the switch?

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