Give God Credit For Omicron Replacing Delta Variant

By Dick Morris on January 1, 2022

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s,” says Jesus in Matthew 22:21. Lately, we give Caesar plenty of credit but stiff God.

We routinely secularize His work miracles with retroactive scientific explanations for miraculous events and treat those who see Divine intervention as kooks, akin to those who claim to have seen UFOs.

Billions of people around the world have prayed constantly for this plague to pass from our lips and now, it appears that these entreaties are being answered.

The evidence is still coming in, but the wide reach of the omicron virus — accounting for over half of all new US cases (as per the CDC) — is crowding out the Delta variant, replacing a virus that kills with one that appears not to. Could any outcome be more explicitly congruent with our prayers?

There’s a great story about a man who went to a job interview. He desperately needed the job but couldn’t find a parking space. He circled fruitlessly as the clock ticked away. “God,” he prayed “please, please find me a place to park. I can’t be late, and I need this job.” Then a space opened up right by the door. “It’s oK God,” he said as he left his car, “I found a space.”

God has done what Pfizer and Biden couldn’t — prevent deaths from the disease — and, with mono-clonal antibodies, developing a cure.

We are too many children of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason to attribute almost all conduct to God’s will (as both Lincoln and Robert E. Lee habitually did) but give me a break. Few scientists even anticipated that a new variant would put the two older ones out of business. And fewer still thought if one emerged that did, that it would not kill.

Despite the best efforts of the “progressives” to hide God’s light under a bushel, lets dig it out and let it shine when it saves humanity.

If nothing else, God deserves the Nobel Prize!

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