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By Dick Morris on May 4, 2012

Dear Friend,

Please watch the video below about our new book SCREWED!

Click Here to get your copy of Screwed! On sale – May 8th – its publication date.

To order a copy of SCREWED! from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

To order a copy of SCREWED! from Barnes & Noble, CLICK HERE!

Screwed! examines:

• The end-of-his-term treaties Obama and Hillary are negotiating with the UN and the EU. They would:

o Enact comprehensive gun control,
o Ban space based missile interceptors (our best defense against Iran and North Korea),
o Require us to pay a UN body half of our royalties from off-shore drilling,
o Establish a legal right to US foreign aid,
o Ban use of our military without U.N. approval.
o Create a legal right to welfare

These measures are all proceeding in secret…until now! We advanced our publication date to be able to alert the public to these dangers!

• China’s currency manipulation which is soley responsible for its trade surplus with the US. China’s hacking of our technology, its policy of industrial espionage, and its demand that companies give it their technology as the price of access to the Chinese market. The book proposes immediate concrete steps to counter China’s practices.

• How Saudi Arabia uses our oil money to fund terrorism. 90 percent of Muslim fundamentalist funding comes from the monarchy we prop up with our military strength. Screwed lays out a comprehensive strategy for oil independence within three years!

• How Pakistan uses our military aid to kill our troops. Screwed proposes a bold new strategy of “triangulation” with India to check Pakistan.

• How our foreign aid goes to our worst enemies and does the poor nations that get it harm…and no god!

• How the United Nations is a screen for corruption and won’t move to stop it.

• How the Afghan regime of Karzai is totally corrupt, heavily involved in the drug trade, and not worth a single American life. Screwed suggests how to fight al Qaeda without having to prop up Karzai.

• And, most importantly, how our own former Congressional leaders are now working as lobbyists for our enemies to undermine our national security!

Screwed! is the most important book we have ever written. Order it today. Click Here.


Dick and Eileen

To order a copy of SCREWED! from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

To order a copy of SCREWED! from Barnes & Noble, CLICK HERE!

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