France Taxes America: The Robin Hood Tax

By Dick Morris on December 6, 2012

As we warned in our new book, Here Come The Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, the globalists have decided to tax the American people to funnel money to the third world.

Now, as predicted, France has passed the world’s first Robin Hood Tax — a levy of two-tenths of one percent on all French share transactions, purchases or sales — even when they are bought or sold by Americans.

The new tax is expected to raise E500 million annually, a portion of which French President Francois Hollande has committed to give to fight global poverty and HIV-AIDS.

The idea for a global Robin Hood Tax is being pushed by the global left as a way to tax the American people, and other investors, to ship funds to the Third World.

David Hillman, spokesperson for the Robin Hood Tax campaign, said “it’s great news that France is forging ahead with a Robin Hood Tax – showing it’s capable of putting the interests of the people before the profits of a privileged few.”

He said that the French tax “is a precursor for more ambitious Financial Transactions Tax that nine European countries plan on implementing as early as December of this year. The broader tax would apply “not just to shares, but to bond and derivative transactions” and is supposed to raise E34 billion.

The precedent here is outrageous. France is taxing Americans who hold French shares. And the example is likely to spread throughout the world. This is the beginning of a global attempt to tax the United States and make individual Americans liable for tax payments which will raise money for Third World dictators.

The UN and the European Union have long lusted after the American tax base and have wanted to find ways to get their hands on it. Now, France has led the way.

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