By Dick Morris on December 9, 2011

Dear Friend,

The Fast and Furious operation is a gift that will keep on giving. For years and years, the weapons we injected into the US-Mexican arms trade are going to be surfacing on the streets of both countries, often endangering or killing the brave men and women who are charged with enforcing the laws and protecting us.

Holder’s assertion that he did not know about Fast and Furious when press accounts of its operations were widely disseminated is, at best disingenuous. He should be indicted for perjury, but at least his resignation is called for.

Click Here to sign the petition to force Holder to resign!

This is, of course, the same Eric Holder who has bent over backwards to be sure terrorist suspects are read their Miranda rights while those who investigate terrorism are themselves investigated. He is the same man who recommended a pardon for fugitive billionaire Marc Rich and for the unrepentant FALN terrorists who attacked the United States with over 130 bombs, killing 6 and injuring 80 other innocent Americans.

Holder’s resignation is overdue! Please sign the attached petition and we will noify your Senators and Congressman (include your email and physical address so we can direct your message to your representatives.)

By the way, our petition calling on Elena Kagan to recuse herself seems to be gathering momentum. After 33,000 plus signatures, she did, indeed, recuse herself from an unrelated case saying that she had worked on the case as Solicitor General (just as she did on Obamacare).

We’ll add your email address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.

Thanks for signing,

Dick Morris

Click Here to sign the petition to force Holder to resign!

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