Final Report: Trump’s COVID Record Beats Out EU By Far

By Dick Morris on February 8, 2021

Stephen Moore, writing on his web site, gives us the final report on the central controversies of the 2020 election: How well did Trump handle the economic blowback from the virus and how did he handle the distribution of the vaccine.

On both counts, Trump’s record is way, way better than Europe’s.

The GDP dropped by. 6.9% in Europe but only by 3.5% in the US during 2020. And, in the fourth quarter of ’20, it grew by 4% in the U.S. but only by 1.3% in Europe.

European unemployment peaked at 8.3% but only topped off at 6.9% here.

The stock market in Europe grew by 10% but went up in the US by 20%.

And, on the vaccination front, the U.S. has vaccinated 9% of its population and new daily virus cases are down by 44% while the European have only managed to give shots to 3.5% of the population and new cases are soaring.

And that stat ignores the key reality: That the virus vaccine was developed in record time largely because the U.S. prepaid for over 100 million doses of the vaccine even before it was developed and well before it was evident that it worked.

All this is why Donald J. Trump was one of America’s great — not just good — but great presidents.


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