By Dick Morris on September 6, 2011

Dear Friend,

Today we sent petitions containing over 71,000 names to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation protesting the federal funding of the Park 51 mosque project adjacent to the World Trade Center. They are meeting tomorrow to consider whether to fund the project or not. We will e-mail you the results of their deliberation. Thank you for helping us to fight this misuse of public money.

Below is a copy of the letter we sent along with the petitions.

Thank you,

Dick Morris


Dear Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Board Member,

Thank you for your service.

I am writing to share with you over 71,000 signatures of concerned Americans who are opposed to the use of federal funds for the Park 51 project. We feel that the project should not be built in the first place and feel particularly concerned that our tax money could be used to fund it.

Most mosques, including this one, teach Shariah Law which includes the injunction to jihad. It was this very teaching that led to the 9/11 catastrophe whose lingering effects your corporation was created to remedy.

Should the Park 51 project be built, particularly with federal funds, it would trigger a feeling of Islamist triumphalism throughout the world, almost as a punctuation mark to the 9/11 attacks themselves.

We urge you to cancel this project and, particularly, to deny it federal funding.

Thank you for your consideration.

A file of the names, addresses, and e-addresses of the signatories is attached.


Dick Morris

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