FBI Paid Informant Made Up Russia Collusion Dossier…A Total Lie

By Dick Morris on September 19, 2022

Remember the Russia, Russia, Russia scandal? The phony charge that Trump was in cahoots with the Kremlin?

Well, in a huge development last week, we learned how the phony charge came to be created. Until now, we thought that Hillary and her negative research team dreamed it up. But now we learn that the FBI itself may have been the source of many of the completely inaccurate and made-up stories, accounts of conversations, supposedly eye-witness testimony, and tall tales in the dossier that Hillary’s people peddled to the media.

It came out this week, in court papers filed by special counsel John Durham that Igor Danchenko, the Russian oligarch who was the main source that former British spy Christopher Steele tapped to compile his phony dossier of made-up charges against Trump, was actually a FBI paid informant during this whole period.

From 2017 through 2020, the period during which the dossier was composed and circulated, it was Danchenko who invented most of the tall tales about prostitutes in Moscow and so forth. So, the FBI was not just the propagator of the phony scandal, but its paid informant helped fabricate the evidence in the first place.

I believe that this scandal, which could blow the FBI sky high, was documented in the papers Trump took from the White House to Mar-a-Lago. The Archives say they want the documents. But I believe it is really the FBI that wants them to stop Trump from blowing the whistle on their role in the Russia, Russia, Russia scandal.

As a result, Trump won’t be indicted, but, in effect, the FBI itself may be. In my new book The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, I predict that the FBI’s misconduct will lead to a massive Congressional investigation once the Republicans win Congress in November. The evidence will be damning in proving that the FBI has become almost its own political party, much like the FSB (the successor to the KGB) is in Russia.

In the 1970s, a similar scandal roiled the CIA and led to hearings chaired by Idaho Democratic Senator Frank Church. The hearings, that featured the dramatic revelation that the CIA had participated in the assassination of foreign leaders, led to a total remake of the CIA, sweeping aside its old leaders and rebuilding the agency from the ground up.

I believe, and predict in The Return, that a similar fate awaits the FBI when the GOP retakes Congress.

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