FBI “Optimistic” About Recovering Some Data From Hillary’s Server

By Dick Morris on August 19, 2015

NBC reports that “two sources with direct knowledge of the FBI inquiry” believe that investigators may be able to recover at least some of the data from Hillary’s secret server, even though her operatives tried to “wipe it clean.”

That may explain Hillary’s surly mood when asked about the server by reporters.

In addition to verifying the contents of the server and looking for classified material, the FBI will also be looking for metadata that will tell them who accessed documents, whether they were edited, when entered, when deleted. That could provide a roadmap about what was done to the server, by whom, and tell us whether data was deleted before or after it was requested or subpoenaed by Congress and Freedom of Information litigants.

That’s why Hillary didn’t want to give up her server. There’s a lot that could come out.

Hillary handed over 55,000 pages of hard copies of emails to the State Department. Hard copies, of course, can’t provide any information about whether they were edited, changed, or parts deleted. But the server could.

Contrary to Hillary’s arrogant claim that the email inquiry is a “partisan witch hunt,” the FBi will do their usual professional investigation. This is exactly what she is afraid of.

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