Endorsement Of Congressman Jack Kingston

By Dick Morris on May 12, 2014

To My Friends in Georgia,

I don’t always get involved in primaries, but I want to urge you to vote for Congressman Jack Kingston in Georgia’s Republican Senate Primary.

I’m making this endorsement because I know Jack for a number of years. He served as Chairman of a conservative think tank group in the House called the Theme Team which met every Tuesday in the Capitol Building. He invited me to speak five or six times and worked with me to help make the case for lower spending, and end to ObamaCare, and Congressional reform.

Much has been made in the liberal media of the factional fight in the Republican Party between the so-called Establishment and the Tea Party. When there is a genuine clash of values and views, I mostly end up on the Tea Party side. But here, there’s not much difference on the issues — Jack has gotten a 100% rating from the Natl. Assn. of Small Businesses, 96% from the American Conservative Union and an A+ from the NRA. You can’t do much better than that.

But Jack has been effective. He has helped to move the Republican House leadership to stand firm against ObamaCare and to support reforms in Congress.

The reason the Tea Party has not won some recent primaries is because of its own success in moving everybody in the Party to the right, purifying the GOP’s positions. So we can vote for those who not only agree with us but who are most experienced, able, pragmatic, and likely to win. That’s Jack Kingston.

Thanks for reading,

Dick Morris

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