Economist/YouGov Poll Slanted Anti-Trump

By Dick Morris on December 12, 2022

Economist/YouGov released a national survey on December 5th of 1635 American adults that purports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now runs even in a hypothetical Republican primary matchup with former President Trump.

But, when you drill deeper into the data, we find that Trump has a healthy 39-29 lead among Republicans.

When Economist/YouGov asked respondents if the felt that Trump would be the Party’s strongest candidate in 2024 or that it would be better if someone else ran, Republicans said by 48-28 that Trump should be the nominee.

The methodology of the Economist/YouGov poll is also questionable. Drawn from an online sample, they typically have very long questionnaires and have pay their panelists to complete the survey.

By paying respondents, they are more likely to attract Democrats to their sample, putting the accuracy of their results in question.

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