Economic Collapse To Trump’s Advantage

By Dick Morris on April 20, 2020

Pundits say that the coronavirus and the economic collapse it is causing doom President Trump’s chances of victory.

It’s not necessarily so.

As the coronavirus recedes, we find ourselves focused intently on every statistic that might provide a clue about when it will abate.

Then, we plan to turn our attention to the key problem of restarting the economy.

This issue crowds out everything else.

But if it is economic recovery you want, America knows that Donald Trump is the man.

The economy is in President Trump’s wheelhouse.

Whatever his strengths or weaknesses may be, everyone agrees that his strong point is managing the economy.

Were there not this crisis, we might take that skill for granted, treating the problem of economic stagnation as solved and looking ahead to the problems of income inequality, climate change and health care — areas where Trump is not necessarily as skilled.

But with the economy in its current state, there’s no room for any other issue – no oxygen left for any other concern.

How natural it is that we then turn to Trump to bring back the economy he created.

If your house burns down — particularly if you loved it — you would turn to the builder and architect who conceived of and erected it in the first place rather than trust some new and unknown contractor.

So the voters will see Trump as the expert they need at getting the economy moving again.

While the political parties get about equal credit for skill in managing the economy, Democrats are seen as better at dividing the pie while Republicans are more trusted with baking it in the first place.

In any poll that asks who you trust more to help the economy recover, Trump beats Biden by a healthy margin — one that will translate into a victory in November.


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