Dubs Goes To Washington On President’s Day

By Dick Morris on February 20, 2012

Dear Friend,

It’s President’s Day! Not just a day off, but a time to remember and celebrate the greatness of presidents like Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. Tell your children about them by reading them Dubs Goes to Washington And Discovers the Greatness of America. Dubs, our golden retriever, loses his tennis ball in Washington DC. To find it, he visits the Lincoln Memorial:

At the Memorial for Abraham Lincoln
Dubs sat up and started thinking
If Man from chains is meant to be free
Can someone take this silly leash off of me?

And he visits the Jefferson Memorial:

All Men are Created Equal Thomas Jefferson wrote
In the Declaration of Independence’s most famous quote
If people are equal, can it possibly be?
That dogs are too, especially me?

And, in search of his ball, he goes to the Washington Monument:

George Washington was president number one
Back when our country had just begun
His monument stands straight and tall
But excuse me while I look for my ball

The book has wonderful illustrations drawn by our artist, Clayton Liotta. It is the perfect way to celebrate President’s Day!

Click Here to purchase a copy of Dubs Goes To Washington!

Have a nice day!

Dick and Eileen

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