Don’t Let Them Steal Georgia…Again

By Dick Morris on December 2, 2020

After the stolen presidential election of 2020, Georgia Democrats are looking to compound their felony by stealing the two outstanding Senate runoffs there and, with them, control of the U.S. Senate.

Republicans, who should be kicking themselves for letting the Democrats steal Georgia in November, are about to let them do it again in the January 2021 second round Senate elections.

We can’t let them steal Georgia a second time!

If we lose the Senate, the White House, and the House of Representatives, the Democrats will use their victories to alter fundamentally our entire system of government.

If they take over the Senate, the Dems will use their majority to bar filibusters entirely. Like Pelosi’s House, the Senate will be Senator Schumer’s rubber stamp.

Their second order of business will be to pack the Supreme Court, adding four new justices to transform a 6-3 conservative majority into a 6-7 minority. And, without the filibuster, they can confirm their four new justices by a simple majority vote.

Then, they will also pack the Senate by admitting Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia as states, adding four Democratic senators.

Checks and balances will become a quaint antiquated notion.

This nightmare scenario will happen unless the Georgia State Legislature and the state’s governor, all nominally Republicans, act now to stop the very same election fraud that delivered the state to Biden in November. The very same inspectors, election officials, and rigged vote tabulating machines are standing by to do in January what they did in November. And they will do it unless we stop them.

So let’s learn the lessons of history.

The Georgia legislature must come back into session. They have to assemble anyway to choose the state’s electors by December 14th.

It must then take these actions:

1. Replace the Dominion/SmartTech vote tabulation system with old fashioned hand counting of ballots, conducted in full view of close-at-hand inspectors from both parties. The current ratio of one inspector for every ten voting tabulation tables must be changed to one from each party for each station.

2. Supersede the consent decree the state concluded with the Democratic Party earlier this year so that signatures of voters on absentee and mail-in ballots may be rigorously inspected and compared with those on their registration forms. Forgeries or errors in the date of birth should trigger automatic rejection of the ballot.

3. Guarantee that the signed outer envelopes of mailed-in or absentee ballots are not discarded or separated from the ballots themselves so that defects in the signatures can exclude the vote from being counted.

4. Require that, within four days of the runoff election — and before a winner is certified– that both parties receive a list of those who actually voted in the election so that they may review them to spot irregularities like unregistered voters, votes from people who have moved away, and votes from persons who are deceased. The parties must be given a week to check for these irregularities before the results are certified.

If implementing these reforms is impossible before the January 5th runoff election, the Legislature must delay the election, leaving the seats vacant, until the proper machinery is put in place. If this process will take too long, the Governor, a Republican, should be empowered to appoint interim Senators to take their seats immediately relinquishing them when the new Senators are elected. (In the alternative, the Legislature could allow the two current Republican Senators to keep their seats on an interim basis).

The wheels of all governments turn slowly. But in this case, speed is required to save our country and its governing system.

Summary of necessary legislative measures:

1. Terminate the relationship with Dominion vote counting system and tally votes by hand.

2. Require rigorous inspection of signatures on all mail-in and absentee ballots by both parties.

3. Assure that the signed outer envelopes on mail-in and absentee ballots are preserved and not separated from the ballots themselves.

4. Require that both parties get lists of those who actually voted within four days of the voting so they may challenge illegal votes.

These steps will assure that, at least, the Senate reflects the will of the people.


Use these contacts and URLs below to call, email and/or write them demanding passage of these reforms before the runoff election.

Brian Kemp (R)
206 Washington St.
111 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Speaker of the House
David Ralston (R)
[email protected]
District Office:
P.O. Box 188
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Senate Majority Leader
Mike Duggan (R)
[email protected]
District Office:
106 Champion Drive
Carrollton, GA 30116

Georgia Governor =

Georgia State Senate =

Georgia House of Representatives Leadership =

Georgia House of Representatives List =


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