Don’t Believe Hillary: She’s Going To Run

By Dick Morris on September 7, 2022

I said in my new book, The Return, that Hillary is going to run for president in 2024. Don’t believe her denials!

She only says that she believes Biden should be re-elected and that she will campaign hard for him and that any primary challenge to him would be divisive. But she leaves the door wide open to running if Biden doesn’t.

If she were not running, then why would she put herself squarely in the line of fire by raising her own email scandal to try to differentiate it from Mar-a-Lago Archive scandal? It’s not a desire to clear up the record. It’s a desire to regain center stage so she can run for president again.

The Republicans will win both houses of Congress in 2022 and the resulting shock will force Biden to announce that he’s not going to run again in 2024. The Democratic party leaders will insist on it after they see how much they failed under his leadership.

That will open the door wide for other Democratic candidates for president. The leftists will soar to the top of the pile. Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsome, and even AOC herself will become the front runners. The moderates like Pete Buttigieg will fall back into single digits.

The ensuing panic among Democratic leaders will lead them to come to beg Hillary to get into the race to save the party from the extreme left. Just as in 2016 they pushed Hillary as the alternative to Bernie Sanders, so they will do so in 2024.

Hillary will run but the left will win most of the primaries. But the super delegates will all support Hillary and that will give her the nomination.

So, it will be Trump versus Hillary all over again and, as in 2016, Trump will win but this time it will be a resounding victory.

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