Don’t Be Sad; We’ll Be Back

By Dick Morris on November 27, 2012

Cut it out! Pick your chin up! We lost a battle, not the war!

Here’s how to look at it: We are right and Obama is wrong. The issues at play here are not subjective with fuzzy answers, each a little right and a little wrong. They are objective. Either Obama’s approach to the economy is correct or not.

If Obama is right — which he’s not — his policies will solve the economic problems we face. And if he is wrong, they won’t. They’ll get worse. And then, worse again.

By 2013 and 2014, the truth will become increasingly apparent. Unemployment will worse, driven by Obama’s brilliant idea of taxing job creators more heavily. Economic growth will have halted and a contraction (recession) set in. The consequences of Obama’s policies will be too evident for even the most hardened Democrat to ignore.

It is true that the elections of both 2008 and 2012 stemmed, ultimately, from a national demographic change. But the fact that someone is black, Latino, a single woman, or young doesn’t mean they lose their powers of perception and reasoning! Obama will school an entirely new group of voters — and a new demographic — in the shortcomings of leftist economic policies. They will see, in their own lives, the disastrous consequences of his ideas.

Why don’t they get it now? Haven’t they suffered enough already? Apparently not.

Some do. Obama’s vote share dropped by 2.5 points from 2008 to 2012, most notably among the young where he fell from 66% of the vote in ’08 to 60% in ’12. The process will continue. More and more disillusioned voters will leave Obama’s ranks. His name will become a modern equivalent to what “Hoover” meant in the thirties.

That the Republican Party will rise again is inevitable if Obama’s policies are wrong.

What is our task between now and then?

To stop this Administration from doing permanent damage while they are in power. They will continue to accumulate debt, pile on spending, and raise taxes. But what went up can come down once we get power.

But some things cannot be reversed:

• We must stop any cessation of American sovereignty to the UN (read Here Come the Black Helicopters). Once we give up our sovereignty, we’ll never get it back.

• We need to block the EPA and the Labor Relations Board from so altering the rules of the game for domestic business that it forces our manufacturing jobs offshore. Once they are gone, they won’t return.

• We’ve got to enact immigration reform to end the GOP’s war with the Hispanics while, at the same time, making clear that we are conferring legal status only for work, not for citizenship or voting. For that, they need to go to the back of the line.

• Stop Obama from enacting euthanasia-like health care changes. Block the implementation of any cuts his 15 member board will propose that would shorten lives or condemn those who could be saved to an early death.

These are the fundamental elements of what we must do.

But, above all, we need to end our collective depression. Depression is not an option for our brave troops in harm’s way and it shouldn’t be for us sitting comfortably at home.

Get back in the game!

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