The Dog Didn’t Bark: No Pardon For Hillary

By Dick Morris on January 20, 2017

If Bill and Hillary looked dour at Donald Trump’s inauguration, it may have been more than just frustration and sour grapes at losing the election. As Obama passed into history and Trump took power as president, what didn’t happen may have had more consequence for the former first couple than what did take place: Obama did not pardon Hillary.

Now the coast is clear for a thorough investigation of Hillary both on charges of mishandling state secrets and of running a pay-for-play operation out of the State Department.

As president-elect, Trump vowed not to pursue Hillary and expressed the wish that she not be prosecuted, but said that it “was not something I feel very strongly about.” In a series of tweets on November 22nd, Trump said that a prosecution of Hillary would be “very divisive” and noted that the Clintons have “suffered greatly” already. But, significantly, he refused to say that he would take prosecution of Hillary “off the table.”

Anyone watching the inaugural ceremonies could not fail to note how deliberately President Trump avoided eye contact with either Clinton, passing right by under their noses rather than pause for a handshake.

For his part incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised to recuse himself from any investigation.

But the investigators themselves — in at least four US Attorney offices — are by no means letting up. If they find a case that Hillary ran afoul of the law in either scandal (pay for play or national secrets), it is quite likely that they will recommend prosecution. In that eventuality, it is hard to see either Sessions of President Trump refusing to bring the case.

Hillary’s only secure protection would have been an Obama pardon. But now she is exposed. She may have to face the fruits of her own criminality.

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