Dick’s New Show ‘Deep Six The Deep State!’ Reached #1 On Facebook Live!

By Dick Morris on May 23, 2017

Dick’s new Facebook LIVE video broadcast — “Deep Six The Deep State!” — got off to a BLAZING start! Facebook audience metrics showed that his premiere LIVE video was #1 in the world of all Facebook Live videos during that time slot.

Watch Dick’s show from yesterday right now (24/7) — CLICK HERE!

He’ll do it again tonight (and every weeknight) at 6 PM EDT. The show will run a half-hour from now on.

Watch “Deep Six The Deep State!” – CLICK HERE!

Tonight, Dick will cover the following topics:

• How Obama’s intel chief failed to tell Congress about the origin of the Russia scandal.

• How we can prevent terrorist attacks such as yesterday’s Manchester bombing.

See you tonight and every night for “Deep Six The Deep State!” on Facebook Live!!!



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