Dick Reveals His Role In Trump Campaign

By Dick Morris on June 30, 2022

Dear Good Friend,

During the 2020 Trump campaign, I secretly advised the president in over 100 conversations between April and Election Day. These discussions covered every aspect of campaign strategy, positive and negative advertising, and presidential speeches.

Until now I have not publicly discussed my role since the president and I agreed that I would be anonymous, unofficial, and unpaid (my choices).

Now, in my new book, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, I answer some of the questions that are on all our minds:

Will Trump run again?

Will he win the Republican nomination?

Will he be the next president?

Can we stop the Democrats from stealing the election?

Will Biden run again?

Will Hillary run? Will AOC?

How will inflation, immigration, and crime impact the election?

What should the Republican strategy be?

I’ll also tell the inside story of the Trump campaign, its gyrations, insights, successes, failures, and blind spots.

The book is coming out on Tuesday, July 12th, and it’s available right now for pre-order from Amazon.com.

Please help me build momentum and start off right out of the gate on the bestsellers list. Pre-ordering can put me there with your help!

And the book is a great summer read!

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