By Dick Morris on April 22, 2010

Dear Friends,

2010: Take Back America — A Battle Plan has hit the New York Times bestseller list in its first week out, opening at number 4!!!

You can still order a signed copy (for Mother?) at Amazon.com or BN.com. (At Amazon.com all the books sent out are still from their signed inventory.)


2010 begins by outlining what is at stake in the election. When Obama raised spending and borrowed the money, he begged the question: How will the deficit be funded? In the election of 2010 we will determine the answer. Obama wants tax hikes, a surtax, a VAT, no cap on FICA taxes, and higher capital gains taxes. We need to elect Republicans who will cut spending and oppose any new taxes.

If we allow Obama to increase taxes so that they absorb 40% of our economy (it was 30% when he took office) we will have enacted socialism. If we roll back his spending, we will have saved the free market system.

Then we outline the targets — the key Senators and Congressmen we must defeat. Study the list and then — “adopt a Democrat” — pick one of the targets and get involved in the campaign, even if its not your district. Send money, go on weekends to campaign, e mail friends who live there.

In Part 3, we suggest a strategy for victory: Debunk the myth of the moderate Democrat, run against Obama not the local candidate, do not move to the center, paint clear differences!

Then we outline what YOU can do. Create your own electronic precinct of 200 or 300 family members, friends, clients, associates, fellow Moms, etc…Work them over! Send them articles and commentary and links to videos and funny cartoons. Follow the outline in our book and get out of the grandstand and onto the playing field.

Thank you for your support!

Dick and Eileen

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