Dick Draws Larger Cumulative Audience Than Rush Limbaugh On Radio In Philadelphia Last Month

  on February 28, 2014

For ten months, Dick has hosted a radio show in Philadelphia on WPHT 1210 AM from 3-6 PM every weekday.

Rush Limbaugh, the gold standard in talk radio, is on the same station right before Dick (from noon to 3).

In January, Dick drew an audience of 47,000 people while Rush drew 40,000.*

In the crucial 25-54 year old demographic, Dick drew a 3.5% share in early February, less than a point behind Rush.

“Out pacing Rush is like hitting more home runs than Babe Ruth, ” Dick said. “A real compliment. But two caveats. One I’m not on steroids. Two, it was only one month. Rush has been doing it for three decades!”

* – Nielsen Audio Philadelphia – January 2014 Weekly Cume – WPHT noon – 3 and 3pm – 6pm

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