Dick And Dubs Go To Fox!

By Dick Morris on September 11, 2012

Dear Friend,

Eileen and I have written a cute children’s book with our friend Clayton Liotta, Dubs Runs for President. The goal of the book is to help children follow the presidential election through the eyes (and nose) of our cute golden retriever Dubs (the same one who visited Washington in our last book). Dubs and I appeared together on the Fox & Friends Show yesterday morning. The clip is attached. It’s a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy watching it.

Please Note: The Fox & Friends panel first asked me for my assessment of the presidential race in the aftermath of the conventions. You’ll have to suffer through my answer to get to the good part about Dubs at the 2:25 timestamp of the segment! (There is also a quick ad before the start of the video that we have no control over).

Click Here to Order Dubs Runs for President!


Dick (and Dubs)

View the clip of Dick and Dubs on Fox & Friends below!

Click Here to Order Dubs Runs for President!

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