Desperate Democrats Will Indict Trump

By Dick Morris on August 10, 2022

This week the Democratic campaign strategy for ’22 and ’24 became painfully apparent. They’ve tried everything they can to defeat Donald Trump.

They framed him in the phony Russian collusion scandal. They impeached him twice. They manipulated the 2020 election, and they tried to persuade America that he was an insurrectionist trying to topple the government.

All of that failed. Trump’s incredible wins in primary after primary show that his base has not abandoned him and that he has the solid support of the Republican Party.

It is clear as I point out in my book, The Return, that he is unstoppable in going after the Republican nomination. And the total failure of the Biden Administration has doomed the Democrats to defeat,

But the Trump candidacy and a second term presidency is so dangerous to the Democratic Party that they will stop at nothing to stop him. I believe that the raid this week on Mar-a-Lago indicates that they are probably going to indict Trump on the ridiculous charge of taking classified records from the White House that belong in the national archives where they should be gathering dust instead.

Bear in mind that the president can declassify any document he wants to instantly simply with a stroke of the pen and the fact that the documents Trump may have taken may have been classified is something he could’ve fixed easily but obviously did not feel the need to.

I believe the Democrats are going to take this ridiculous charge to its ultimate extreme and indict Donald Trump. But that will not deter Trump. I spoke with him twice this week and he is stronger and more determined than ever.

He will run even if he is under indictment and will win the nomination and the election. Most likely any indictment will be quashed by impartial judges anyway

But the Democrats are not really focused on punishing him but on using the indictment or the conviction to stop him from running again. They would seek to invoke clauses in statutes and in the 14th amendment that might preclude him from running for president.

But again, I think the courts will not allow this. Nobody can impose by legislation or regulation qualifications to run for president. They are set in the constitution and nothing, but a constitutional amendment can change them.

Trump will survive all of this. He will run. He will be nominated. He will win. And he will save America during his second term.

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