Dems Turning To Bernie Sanders

By Dick Morris on May 29, 2015

As negatives pile up on Hillary’s doorstep, the Democratic left is flocking to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. According to Quinnipiac, Sanders has gone from 4% of the Democratic primary vote in April to 8% in April to 15% in their May 28 survey.

While Hillary still has 57% of the primary vote (down from 60% last month), Sanders is moving up fast.

The Vermont Senator is eclipsing former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, former Virginia senator Jim Webb, and former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chaffee, each of whom gets only 1% of the vote.

Among self-described “very liberal Democrats,” Hillary leads Sanders by only 61-28.

While Hillary flirts with the Pacific Rim trade treaty and the Keystone pipeline, both strongly opposed by the left, Sanders is gaining by hammering away with strongly liberal positions.

Some have dismissed Sanders because of his age. But he’s not that old. (And appears less so the older I get). He is only 73, but six years older than Hillary and is in fine physical and mental shape.

With Sanders breaking out of the anti-Hillary pack in the Democratic primary, Mrs. Clinton now faces real opposition in the primary. His very lack of funding appeals to voters disgusted by the Clinton machine’s total immersion in corrupt money.

Here comes Bernie…

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