Dems Have 223,000 Vote Lead In Georgia Runoff

By Dick Morris on December 5, 2022

It happened in 2020. It happened in 2022 and now it is happening again in 2023. Republicans are about to lose yet another election for the exact same reason: They won’t come out and vote early. As of Saturday, Dec 3, 52% of the early votes have been cast by Democrats and only 39% by Republicans.

So, while Republicans sit by passively and wait for the calendar to read December 6th, the Democrats have already voted and damn near won the election. 890,000 Democrats have voted but only 667,000 Republicans.

How do the Republicans possibly expect to win on Election Day when the Democrats have already staked themselves to a 223,000-vote lead?

The rest of the story is predictable. It happened in Pennsylvania and Arizona this year already. The Republicans all line up to vote on election day while the Democrats have already voted.

Then the mayhem starts in Fulton County and other Democratic strongholds where the Dems control the election machinery. Ballot printers run out of ink. Tabulation machines jam. The lines of people waiting to vote grow longer and longer. The Democrats don’t care. They have already pocketed their votes. Those people who must wait on voting lines for hours to cast their ballots are largely Republican. It’s the way the Democrats engage in voter suppression.

(In Arizona, for example, 5,000 people signed in to vote on election day but left before casting ballots because the lines were too long.)

When will Republicans ever learn? The Democrats keep winning not because of Donald Trump or Joe Biden but because they have mastered the art of how to vote. Early not on Election Day. By mail not in person. By absentee. And through ballot harvesting by campaign workers. (Social security numbers prevent cheating in ballot harvesting.)

Republicans are being stupid and obstinate in not voting early.

They worry about their votes being lost through fraud. But even in 2020, there were no allegations that mailed in ballots were not counted.

Republicans need to break the habit and get with the 21st Century rules I explained in my book, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, and win by using the voting technology pioneered by the Democrats. Win by beating them at their own game.

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