By Dick Morris on November 20, 2008

Rasmussen reports that Saxby Chambliss is clinging to a narrow lead of only four points in the Georgia runoff election scheduled for December 2nd. With Ted Stevens defeated for the Senate from Alaska and Al Franken within two hundred votes of overtaking Norm Coleman with the Minnesota recount yet to even begin, the Chambliss seat is all that stands between the Democrats and 60 votes in the Senate.

Chambliss’ narrow lead — within the margin of error — could be easily overcome through a major left wing get out the vote effort by Obama allies like ACORN. Four points is a mighty slim lead on which to hang the ability of the Republican Party to stop or even to debate Obama’s radical program.

The independent expenditure group,, has raised $700,000 to pour into the Georgia contest on behalf of Chambliss to warn voters about how defeating Chambliss would eliminate any check or balance on Obama’s program. But they need more money. Obama is funneling massive resources into the Georgia race and Rasmussen warns that with the polls this tight, the race could be tipped by a swelling of black turnout motivated by the enthusiasm over Obama’s election.

Everything is coming down to Georgia!

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