By Dick Morris on March 21, 2010

The Democratic Party’s decision to deform our health care system in the name of reforming it amounts to a suicide pact. With America decrying the legislation by 60-40 margins, the legislators lined up and dutifully drank the Kool-Aid.

A few traitors who had previously passed themselves off as opponents of the legislation in the November vote turned their coats and revealed their true convictions by switching and voting yes. These Congresspeople – who, at the moment, include Murphy (NY), Kosmas (Fla), Boyd (Fla), Kucinich (Ohio), Boccieri (Ohio), Nye (Va), and Markey (Col) – have made themselves special targets for our political wrath. They have painted targets on their backs with their cowardice in November and perfidy in March.

The anger of the voters at this total disregard of public opinion will power Republican candidates throughout the nation and will impel one of the greatest reversals of Congressional alignment in history.

But the aftershock of this political earthquake is yet to come. It will be upon us in the fall when Congress must decide whether to proceed with the Medicare cuts (particularly to cut in doctors’ reimbursement rates) or to postpone or cancel them and add the cost to the federal deficit.

Either they will make a shambles of Medicare or a mockery of their pretense of fiscal responsibility. The cuts would force broad swaths of the medical community – physicians and institutions – to refuse to treat Medicare patients. Their cancellation of postponement would swell the deficit and underscore the cynicism with which President Obama characterized the plan as a great deficit reduction measure.

This vote transforms the political landscape in a way that we have not seen in our lifetimes and the results will be cataclysmic for the Democratic Party. One hopes that the deals that the various members cut with the leadership to sell their votes included generous retirement packages. They’re going to need them!

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