Dem Leftists Cash In On Fossil Fuel Prices

By Dick Morris on March 2, 2022

An expose by the Washington Times indicates that many left-wing Democrats — who advocate aggressive measures to deal with climate change — have sold their interests in renewable energy sources and switched their investments to profit from high returns in fossil fuel investments during the past few weeks.

Rep. Lois Frankel (Democrat from West Palm, Florida) who says she is a strong supporter of the Green New Deal, sold her stake in a solar energy business and invested as much as $60,000 in fossil fuel companies.

Because House rules permit members to estimate their holdings in ranges, precise numbers are unavailable, but the disclosures document show, according to the Washington Times that she “offloaded $1,001 to $15,000 worth of mutual funds on Jan. 10 in SolarEdge Technologies, a global solar inverter manufacturer with headquarters in Israel. On Jan. 10 and 11, Ms. Frankel purchased $2,002 to $30,000 worth of stock in Diamondback Energy, an oil and natural gas company, and $2,002 to $30,000 in fossil fuel company Hess Corp.”

The Washington Times reported that Rep. Frankel, “this past October, also invested $4,004 to $60,000 in Duke Energy and Dominion Energy, some of the country’s top polluters. Duke is ranked second on the Political Economy Research Institute’s Greenhouse 100 Polluters Index. Dominion is ranked 14th.”

She was not alone in talking green energy but taking green cash by investing in fossil fuels. Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz also cashed in. The Washington Times reports that Wasserman Schultz “invested $3,003 to $45,000 on Jan. 20 in Patterson-UTI Energy, an oil drilling company.”

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