Dem ’22 Strategy: Cheat

By Dick Morris on January 4, 2022

After due consideration and evaluation of their tactical options in the coming midterm elections, the Democrats have hit upon their essential campaign strategy: To cheat.

Joe Manchin, always a slender reed, especially when issues of integrity are at stake, appears to be going along with the pleas of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to agree to a “carve out” of voting rights legislation from the filibuster rule. The result would be to allow passage of federal legislation to pre-empt states in setting voting rules. Prime in their agenda would be a federal law making it illegal to ask a person who wants to register or to vote for a photo id. Presumably, you could get locked up for such temerity.

The other rules and laws likely to be passed by the Democratic Party — without Republican support — include:

• Giving the Attorney General, and, by extension, the president and the Democratic Party the power to reject re-apportionment lines, thereby assuring the Democratic Congress of their own re-election.

• Allowing same day voter registration with no photo id to allow massive fraudulent voting by illegal immigrants.

• Blocking effective signature verification on absentee and mail-in ballots.

• Allowing private funding of the election processes in the various states, thus allowing partisans like Mark Zuckerberg to choose the umpires to supervise elections.

Since the Democratic majority in the Senate is based on the voter fraud that enabled the election of Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2020 runoff, the Democrats are essentially ratifying the cheating that allowed them to win the Senate and then using that skullduggery to stop enforcement of integrity safeguards in all other elections.

What are Republicans to do in the face of this blatant exercise of one-party tyranny?

We need to remember that the best defense against voter fraud is a landslide. We need to win by a margin sufficient to defeat their phony votes and their cheating.

It looks like Biden is up to the task of so destroying our economy, our immigration policy, our anti-crime efforts, and our foreign policy that we voters have no choice but to elect Republicans in such massive numbers that we overcome Democratic cheating.

And we can do it. We are on track to win the House and the Senate. We will probably win the House by at least sixty seats and will win the Senate by 55-45. We will likely defeat incumbent Democrats Raphael Warnock (GA), Mark Kelly (AZ), Maggie Hassan (NH), Catherine Cortez Masto (NV) and Michael Bennett (CO).

When we win Congress back, our first bill should borrow the bill number Pelosi and Schumer assigned to their legislation to legalize voter fraud: HR 1 and S 1. Its provisions: Repeal everything the Democrats are going to pass if Manchin folds.

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