Delta/COVID Is A Disease Of The Unvaxxed…So Why Shut Down?

By Dick Morris on August 13, 2021

The CDC says that only 125,000 Americans who have been fully vaccinated have come down with Delta/COVID breakthrough infections. Only 6,600 have been hospitalized, and 1,262 have died. (This information is incomplete since 11 states don’t file reports.)

And it is, almost exclusively, a disease of the unvaccinated. The illness rate for those who have had both shots is 2 per 100,000 population, while for the unvaccinated it is 16 per one hundred thousand.

So because it is basically a preventable disease (get a shot) and, if you’ve had a shot, extremely rarely very serious or lethal, why shut down all the schools and businesses in the country? And why traumatize school children with a mandate to wear a mask?

Instead, get a shot or take the risk.

Consider the physical, emotional and financial damage closures inflict if you want to realize how unjustifiable they are.

Now for politics:

It was the correct decision, in the view of most Americans, to lockdown when we did — but perhaps not for as long as we did.

But to do it now is the wrong answer. It’s an overreaction.

Still, the Democrats will overreact — because that’s what they do, and it’s what their voters have come to expect.

While Americans approved of the 2020 lockdown, they will not support one in 2021.

And should Biden and Pelosi try one, they will be shown up for the control freaks/overly protective/nanny state politicians they are.

The more they fight to impose restrictions, the more they will hurt themselves.

Republicans suffered losses during the COVID wars of 2020. By 20 points, voters felt Biden would do better on COVID than Trump was doing.

But if the Dems remain the lockdown party, the issue will begin to work against them.


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