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By Dick Morris on March 25, 2013

Dear Friend,

The Department of Justice is seeking to force the Romeike family to leave the U.S. and return to Germany. They fled Germany because they were persecuted for homeschooling their children which is illegal in Germany under a Nazi-era 1938 law. Germany is the only country in Europe to prohibit homeschooling. The Romeikes sought political asylum in the U.S. and were granted asylum from a Tennessee immigration judge. The Germans pressed for their return and the U.S. Department of Justice appealed the ruling to a full immigration court which rejected the asylum request and ordered their deportation. Their order is stayed pending an appeal to the U.S. District Court. Listen to their story on my video below and please sign the petition below on their behalf.

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Protect Homeschooling!

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Protect Homeschooling!


Dick Morris

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