COVID On Campus Is Out Of Control

By Dick Morris on August 26, 2020

It is time to shut down the campus parties.

The number of new COVID-19 cases in our nation’s universities and colleges has soared to 27,000 with 64 deaths as campuses reopen for the fall.

While the national coronavirus daily new case count continues to drop — the first three days of this week saw it go under 40,000 — cases on campus are soaring.

Now we see the spectacle of Auburn and Alabama battling for a new national championship: Most new coronavirus cases.

It is time to end the “boys will be boys” attitude toward partying without masks and social distancing on our nation’s campuses, lest they become the incubators of a new outbreak nationally.

These are the top five campuses for new virus cases:

* University of Alabama at Birmingham: 972

* University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 835

* University of Central Florida: 727

* University of Alabama: 568

* Auburn University: 557

But the incidence is truly spread over the entire country.

Since most of the schools afflicted are state universities, the solution would seem to be simple: Require testing of all students and quarantine those who are positive. (It may be the only test the kids want to flunk.)

We cannot permit the virus to reappear in our midst because of the reckless irresponsibility of some kids in search of a good time.

If we cannot stop kids from spreading the virus, we will have to close our nation’s campuses once again, endangering the education of an entire generation.

If concern for their own health and that of their parents and neighbors doesn’t compel compliance, stricter measures should be used.

Campus police should enforce mask and social distancing protocols and anyone violating them should be sent home for the semester. Repeat violators should face the loss of scholarships.


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