Connect The Dots: Biden Docs May Be Closely Tied To Hunter’s Graft

By Dick Morris on January 23, 2023

The Biden documents scandal has now morphed from a boring clerical error into a scandal with deadly series potential issues.

The classified documents found at a Joe Biden home in which Hunter lived come from his time as vice president when he was the Obama Administration’s point man for Ukraine.

Hunter Biden clearly took advantage of his father’s influence to get paid to use his influence with the Ukraine government to protect Burisma, a corrupt energy company. That much we know.

The question now is: Did Joe Biden bring these documents home so Hunter could read them and use the information to persuade Burisma to pay him and his firm $11 million between 2013 ns 2018. And was that fee related to the $50,000 monthly rent he paid his father for the house in question?

President Biden is teetering on the edge of a decision not to run in 2024. His longtime campaign manager/chief of staff Ron Klain just quit. His job approval has dropped from 47% in early November to 40% today (per the Harvard/Harris survey).

The same poll has Trump beating Biden 46-41. And now the embarrassing classified document scandal threatens to become a new Watergate.

Hot on Biden’s heels is the House Committee, run by carnivorous Republicans who we can rely on to ask the tough questions and use their subpoena power to force answers. And, waiting in the wings, with broad prosecutorial powers is the special counsel Robert K. Hur charged with investigating the scandal.

If you were Biden, would you sail into the teeth of such a storm and run again?

Perhaps not.

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