By Dick Morris on October 4, 2010

Dear Friend,

I am closely monitoring thirty five House races and want to send you updates every week or so on the ones that most need your help. The most recent list is enclosed below. It has three new candidates: Rob Steele in Michigan, Morgan Philpot in Utah, and Mike Keown in Georgia. And it still has on it a number of candidates from the previous list who still need plenty of help. Everyone on this list can win. They just need your help.

Please help them out. All of them if possible. Our last mailer made a big difference, and many of went on the air for the first time with their ads! From there, the ads produce good polling numbers that attract national donors. But we need to catalyze the process.

Rob Steele, Michigan

My how time flies. John Dingell has been in Congress for 55 years! The all time record for the House. And Dad was in the seat for 23 before that! Now the dynasty could end and evict the 83 year old Dingell who, more than any other Congressman, wrote the health care bill. Dr. Rob Steele, a heart doctor, is opposing him and is only seven points behind! But nobody believes Dingell could lose. The truth is that Steele can win. Help him out.

To help Steele’s campaign, Go Here

Morgan Philpot, Utah

Utah, the most Republican state in the nation, should not have a Democratic Congressman but it does. But this may be Matheson’s last term because he is facing a strong challenge from Morgan Philpot who is only three points behind. It is just this kind of Democratic seat, buried in a heavily Republican district, which keeps Pelosi, Rangel, and Barney Frank in power. Please help Philpot. He urgently needs your help!

To help Philpot’s campaign, Go Here

Mike Keown, Georgia

Democratic incumbent Sanford Bishop gave scholarships to his daughter, his niece, his staffer’s wife, his staffer’s daughter, and other children of close friends of his wife. He needs to be defeated. He returned the money after he was caught — after he was caught. Mike Keown is mounting a stiff challenge and is tied in the polls. Help out Mike and get rid of a member of Congress who is a trifecta: A liberal, a Democrat, and corrupt!

To help Keown’s campaign, Go Here

Beth Anne Rankin, Arkansas

She is running against Mike Ross, the biggest hypocrite in Washington (quite a title!). When he could have killed Obamacare in committee, he voted for it — his was the swing vote. Then, on the floor, he voted no twice. He needs to be defeated. Rankin is a strong conservative voice who worked for Mike Huckabee when he was governor.

To help Rankin’s campaign, Go Here

David Harmer, California

Running against Jerry McNerney, one of the few California Democrats we can defeat this year. Harmer is an articulate, able conservative and his district is just below Pelosi’s. His victory would send her quite a message!

To help Harmer’s campaign, Go Here

Ryan Frazier, Colorado

An articulate, able, intelligent, charismatic black Republican reminiscent of the strengths of Obama! He faces a long time incumbent, Dave Pearlmutter, and is running tied in the polls. A race the Dems never expected to lose.

To help Frazier’s campaign, Go Here

Steve Palazzo, Mississippi

Now on active duty for two weeks, this former Marine is opposing Gene Taylor the bluest of blue dogs. Taylor is just the kind of hypocrite who keeps Pelosi in power. He comes from one of the most conservative districts in the nation but manages to fool the voters. Not this time!

To help Palazzo’s campaign, Go Here

Tim Burns, Pennsylvania

Tim lost the special election to fill John Murtha’s seat last year but he is neck and neck with Mark Critz who won the seat. He has an aggressive campaign going on and can probably take this swing seat in a rematch.

To help Burns’ campaign, Go Here

Dave McKinley, West Virginia

As this state turns to the Republican Party after years of being a bastion of Democratic power, guys like McKinley have a great chance. He is making a special issue of cap and trade which threatens to put West Virginia’s coal business out of business. He can win and needs help.

To help McKinley’s campaign, Go Here

Please help each of these campaigns. Together, we can make quite a difference.


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