Coming Soon: The Trump Counteroffensive

By Dick Morris on September 12, 2022

I do not believe that President Trump sent the documents in his possession to Mar-a-Lago to hide them from the FBI and the public. I think he took them with him precisely not to hide them but to expose them to public view so he can demonstrate how blatantly and illegally the FBI and the DOJ have turned the machinery of government against him.

He likely believes that, in these documents, is elaboration and proof of:

A. How the FBI and the DOJ spied on his 2016 presidential campaign.

B. How they lied to the FISA court to secure surveillance warrants against members of his staff.

C. How they knowingly leaked false and misleading information, gleaned from the Steele dossier — which they knew was disinformation produced by Hillary’s campaign staff — to the media and to Congress to perpetuate the phony myth that Trump and his campaign were in collusion with the Kremlin.

I also believe that the FBI did not raid Mar-a-Lago in pursuit of documents with which to incriminate Trump, but that they did so to stop Trump from using these same documents against them to prove their misconduct and lead, possibly, to their prosecution, not to his.

Why else would Trump have taken the documents? He is not writing a book and does not keep a scrapbook. He had no desire to store memorabilia for his grandchildren. He could easily have declassified everything giving him immunity from prosecution. But he chose to take the documents anyway. I believe it was to play offense — which is more his style — than to play defense.

For their part, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Biden White House are conscious of the backlash they are risking by playing so fast and loose and treating a former president like a career criminal.

But the raid was also part of a deliberate policy of trying to make Donald Trump the issue so as to deflect criticism of Biden’s record and to blunt how poorly it stacks up next to Trump’s. The document raid was Act One in this unfolding strategy. The disgusting and undignified Biden speech in Wilkes-Barre, PA was Act Two.

Speaking from a stage that looked like Dante’s Inferno, he made the case that Trump and his supporters — all 75 million of them — were a threat to democracy and that they were using political violence to dominate our system.

His goal was simply distraction so that attention focuses on Trump’s personality and style rather than his — and Biden’s records.

But lurking behind these motivations may be a darker one — to hide and obfuscate evidence that the DOJ and the FBI let themselves be used as partisan instruments in a presidential campaign — the real threat to our democracy!

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