Colin Powell Emails On Hillary: We Totally Agree With Him

By Dick Morris on September 16, 2016

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s leaked emails clearly show that he doesn’t like or trust Hillary Clinton any more than we do.

Not at all. And he pulls no punches.

Powell is saying what we’re all thinking.

He sees Hillary as an uninspiring, materialistic old lady who carries a lot of baggage from her past scandals. He’s got that right.

His email described her to Democratic mega-donor Jeff Leeds as:

“A 70 year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still ******* bimbos at home,”


Powell elaborated on Hillary’s greed by mentioning a scheduled speech of his that was cancelled because Hillary “so overcharged them they came under heat.”

That overcharging would be one of Hillary’s numerous $225,000 speeches to public universities. And that overcharging would be part of the $22 million in speaking fees she collected in less than 2 years. And that would be just a small part of the total $158 million that the Clintons hauled in for their combined speeches.

Powell is right. She’s greedy. Very greedy.

Powell understood her undeserved sense of superiority. He points to her arrogance as the cause of her many mistakes and scandals:

“Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.” Like those who defied the Greek gods because of their, excessive pride, Powell sees Hillary following the same fate.

As for her email scandal, Powell says that she could have easily avoided the whole thing if she just simply told the truth, something Hillary never does.

“HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done

“Dumb. She should have done a ‘Full Monty’ at the beginning,”

But Hillary never does a “Full Monty”.

Powell’s emails were written years before Hillary’s health issues became public, but he felt that she was working too hard and it showed.

She doesn’t look good,” Powell wrote. “She is working herself to death.”

His friend reports that Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said he had seen her at a recent event and she could barely walk up to the podium

And Powell isn’t crazy about Bill Clinton, either. Powell told Jeff Leeds that Bill Clinton is still having affairs at his own house. He doesn’t speculate on whether Hillary knows — but how could she not?

Powell said he was “reluctance to vote for Hillary”.

You’re not alone, Colin.

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Colin Powell Emails On Hillary: We Totally Agree With Him

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