Chelsea Clinton: She’s No Ivanka Trump

By Dick Morris on July 28, 2016

Get ready for another flat, boring speech from Chelsea Clinton at tonight’s convention. She’s no Ivanka Trump, to put it mildly. Unlike Ivanka, Chelsea has never accomplished anything on her own — not a single thing. Whatever she’s done has been based solely on her last name.

While Ivanka also has a famous last name, she’s a successful businesswoman, with her own line of women’s clothing and shoes (not part of the family business) and is a longtime experienced executive in the Trump organization.

Chelsea trades in her family name. That’s all she has to offer. If her name was Chelsea Smith, she would — at best — be teaching at a community college, not pretending to run a foundation and addressing a national political convention. And she certainly would never have been on TV.

Her frumpy appearance, her monotone voice, her lack of depth or experience in the real world, her predictable and memorized lines are quite the opposite from the glamorous, accomplished, poised, likeable Ivanka. Chelsea obviously read a book on public speaking that suggested panning the room to seemingly make eye contact with everyone in the room, roaming slowly from left to right. That’s her nutty style and it’s not a convincing or flattering one.

Hillary Clinton’s daughter is the epitome of entitlement. She demands what she wants because she believes she’s entitled to anything she wants, regardless of whether she’s capable. Why? Because she’s Chelsea Clinton.

She’s lived a life of privilege and entitlement, and her professional life has been entirely based on exploiting her family connections. Unlike the rest of the world, Chelsea has never had to look for a job. They’ve all been handed to her because her last name is Clinton, and not because of any special, or even not so special, talents.

She’s the Princess of Nepotism: Her first job was an entry-level position at McKinsey, where she certainly had to be viewed as a unique asset for attracting clients. She didn’t last there very long didn’t exactly make herself a name Next, one of her mother’s — and the Clinton Foundation’s biggest donors hired her at Avenue Capital, where she didn’t exactly wow the financial community.

She left after three years, once she supposedly realized that she just “couldn’t . . . care about money.” How touching and insightful.

No need to care about money when it’s just handed to you.

No need to worry about student loans when you have degrees from Stanford, Colombia, and Oxford, and you didn’t need any student loans.

No need to worry about money when your parents help your husband’s career and their donors invest in his hedge fund, even though it’s not too successful.

No need to worry about housing when you live in a $10 million apartment in New York. No need to worry about a job when you’re given one, regardless of your qualifications (or lack of them).

Really, who needs money?

Certainly not Chelsea. After she left Wall Street, she pursued an academic career, and, once again, used her family contacts. In 2010, NYU president John Sexton, friend of Bill, appointed her as assistant vice provost of the Global Network University at NYU, bring- ing together Muslims and Jews in New York and around the globe. Not clear what her qualifications were, other than daughter of Bill and Hillary. When asked about this role, she told Time Magazine that she was passionate about “trying to really figure out what the right pedagogy should be in multifaith and interfaith education and leadership.” Pedagogy? Sounds fascinating. And typical Chelsea Clinton blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.

In 2013, she allegedly cofounded and chaired the NYU multifaith “Of Many Institute for Multifaith Leadership.” She insisted that her interfaith marriage to a Jewish husband qualified her for this position. Of course. Try and figure that one out.

But when evidence of brutal treatment of workers and violations of basic human rights were lodged against NYU’s construction workers at the new campus of the Global Network University in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Clinton was silent about the abuses to her new Muslim constituency. Could her silence be related to Bill’s fees for speaking at NYU graduations or to his trip to Abu Dhabi to speak to the first graduating class of the Global Network University, where he never mentioned the controversy? That’s not her department.

Chelsea’s next job was as a Special Correspondent for NBC TV. That was a bust, but a lucrative one. She had a contract for $600,000 a year, although in 2014 she only appeared on four very boring and tedious segments, including an interview with the Geico Gecko. So bad was she on camera that she usually did only voice-over segments with very little actual live time, if any, on camera. Even NBC realized how bad she was and dumped her, but not before she collected over $1.5 million dollars.

Apparently, Ms. Clinton received very special treatment at NBC. Agents hired by her parents basically came in and convinced the idiots at the network that she would be an asset. They were dead wrong. And she insisted on being treated like a prima donna. NBC staff were told not to ever approach her or speak to her directly, but to go through her producers. The few interviews she did were painful to watch. Chelsea is not a natural.

She was also reportedly paid $300,000 for sitting on the board of a Barry Diller’s company. No telling what that’s about, since she has no business experience. Barry and his wife, Diane von Furstenberg, are big fans and supporters of Bill and Hillary. It’s lucrative and prestigious to have the Clinton last name.

Now Chelsea is Vice Chairman of the Clinton Foundation, another position where she seems to be in over her head. She has six staffers at her disposal. Bill only has five. Former staffers say she never shows up in the Foundation’s offices. And although scarcely an inspiring speaker, she goes out to speak on behalf of the foundation — and at least one organization actually paid $75,000 to hear her. Now that is hard to believe.

Since she gave birth to her daughter almost two years ago and to a son in late June Chelsea peppers her speeches with references to being a “mom” and to “my children.” She was so offended at the rhetoric at the Republican National Committee that she announced that she would never speak like that in front of her children. At 22 months and 1 month, she probably doesn’t have to worry about them picking up bad habits from Republicans.

Now she’s part of the campaign to construct St. Hillary and airbrush her resume. Chelsea recently sent out an email reminiscing how Hillary would come home after a “day of litigating on behalf of women and girls” to do discuss her day over dinner. There are two things wrong with that recollection: first, Hillary was not a litigator, she was a corporate lawyer, and, second, she didn’t litigate on behalf of girls. That’s a recent addition to her resume. Her job was to bring in Arkansas state government business to the Rose Law Firm. She did that well. And she was the fix-it person who would call her husband’s appointees at Arkansas state agencies and trying to get favorable treatment for the firm’s clients.

In her own memoir, Hillary mentions only one pro bono case that involved a young girl — not a single other case. That’s because she was not doing litigation for girls and women. That’s a new claim, devised to change her image as a corporate hack. So Chelsea is talking the family line.

Don’t expect to be thunderstruck by Chelsea tonight. That’s not going to happen.

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