Carlson And Putin Use Same Text In Defending Ukraine Invasion

By Dick Morris on December 27, 2021

“Imagine how we would feel if Mexico and Canada became satellites of China. We wouldn’t like that at all. In Russia’s case, this is an existential question.”

— Tucker Carlson Dec. 8th

“How would the Americans react if missiles were placed at the border with Canada or Mexico?”

— Putin Dec. 22nd

Who is the ghostwriter for whom: Tucker Carlson or Vladimir Putin?

In December, both men invoked the absurd comparison between Ukraine’s relationship with Russia and that of Mexico and Canada with the United States.

Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine, they both say, is justified by Kiev’s consideration of possible NATO membership. Each man likens the situation to what would be our reaction were Mexico or Canada to become Chinese or Russian satellites.

The comparison is totally specious. NATO is a purely defensive alliance premised on only one commitment: Its members are pledged to come to one another’s collective defense in the event of invasion by a third party. No offensive war by one of its members would ever remotely trigger a NATO response.

The so-called fear of encirclement has been Russia’s excuse for aggression for centuries. It was the overt rational for the imperialism of Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, Stalin, and Khrushchev.

Indeed, Putin’s rationale for threatening Ukraine stems from his belief, stated in a 5,000-word article he wrote in June of 2021, lamenting the “artificial division of Russians and Ukrainians.” The two, he said were really a “single people.”

CNN reported that Putin wrote that Ukraine and Ukrainians “are part of a larger ‘historical Russia’ — and that modern-day Ukraine, which gained independence in 1991, was merely the by-product of administrative and territorial boundaries cooked up by the Soviet leadership.

Putin charges that the West exploited Ukraine’s desire for freedom from Moscow to weaken Russia.

“Ukraine was dragged into a dangerous geopolitical game aimed at turning Ukraine into a barrier between Europe and Russia, a springboard against Russia,” he wrote. “Inevitably, there came a time when the concept of ‘Ukraine is not Russia’ was no longer an option. There was a need for the ‘anti-Russia’ concept which we will never accept.”

Ukrainian voters don’t see it that way and overwhelmingly rejected the idea of fusion with Russia and opted for independence in a referendum on December 2l, 1991.

But Putin’s view of the essential unity between the two nationalities echoes Adolf Hitler’s opinion that Austria and Germany belonged together, and that the German-speaking Sudetenland area of Czechoslovakia should be under German rule as well.

Just as Hitler managed to con the western leaders into accepting his aggression and occupation of these countries, so Putin has managed to co-opt Fox News’ Tucker Carlson into buying his rationale.

Putin denies having any territorial ambitions in the west, saying he had no interest in taking over Belgium.

But that’s what Hitler said a few years before he marched into the Low Countries.

Will Tucker Carlson learn the lessons of history, or will Ukrainians have to sacrifice their freedom to pay his tuition?

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