Brexit: Elitist Hillary Still Doesn’t Get It

By Dick Morris on June 30, 2016

Last week, as the British people voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union and take back economic and political control of their own country, Hillary Clinton was dramatically on the wrong side. As always, she sided with the elite establishment. She strongly opposed Brexit — as did Bill — in solidarity with their elitist EU friends, benefactors, and friendly global bankers. She was rewarded: Almost immediately after the vote, the former head of Goldman Sachs endorsed Hillary. No surprise.

Those people never expected to lose the referendum. Wall Street, George Soros, and the big hedge funds bet on a vote to stay in the EU. So did Tony Blair and Hillary and Bill’s cronies at Teneo, the global consulting firm Like Hillary, they believed that they could easily control the “little people” who just don’t understand the importance of globalism like they do.

But it was exactly those little people, the everyday citizens, who looked around at how their lives had changed because of oppressive EU policies and revolted. Fifty-two percent of the Brits voted to leave the EU — with equal numbers of votes coming from the Conservative and Labor parties.

That’s what Hillary doesn’t get.

Tired of faceless and unaccountable career bureaucrats making key decisions in Brussels — with no input from the people in the UK, the Brits yelled NO. They were sick of endless regulations that stifled small businesses and economic growth and forced massive immigration of Syrian refugees. They had enough. They wanted to determine policies themselves.

We worked with the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) on the Brexit campaign for several years in its embryonic stages in 2003. One example of the insanity that the EU created was told to us by some fishermen in South Britain. Two brothers in a fishing business that was over a hundred years old bought a large new boat — with a large mortgage — to replace their outdated one. They were told that all they had to do was change transfer their new boat registration at the EU Fisheries Commission, which was headquartered in landlocked Austria. The brothers dutifully sent in the forms, but received a letter back telling them that the EU Fisheries Commission was in the midst of a fundamental overhaul and review that would take two years In the meantime, no new registrations would be permitted. So their expensive mortgaged new boat sat, unable to be used, because of crazy EU policies established by non-Britains in landlocked Austria!

Prior to the EU’s regulation of fishing, Britain had access to 80% of European waters. It now has a quota of 13%. That’s just one example of the economic horrors inflicted on Britain. And, finally, they’ve had enough. They want their national sovereignty back — understandably.

But Hillary loves the idea of globalism, where we surrender our sovereignty to an eventual “One World” government. She loves the bureaucrats and their endless studies that pepper her teleprompter speeches and memorized talking points.

She knows better than the regular people. She’s supported every U.N. treaty that takes away our authority to control our laws. She wants to open our doors to a tsunami of Syrian and other immigrants. She wants to take away our nationalistic pride in America.

It’s easy to image Hillary and her elite friends — many who benefit from the EU — shaking their heads in shock and dismay at the stupidity of the little people.

But guess what? They’re the stupid people. They don’t realize that the world is changing.

Watch out Hillary. Remember Bernie Sanders?

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