Boulder: The First Jihadi Attack In U.S. After None Under Trump

By Dick Morris on March 25, 2021

The terrorists have gotten the message: There is a new sheriff in town, and he won’t shoot.

After constant terrorist attacks under Obama, there were none on U.S. soil under Trump except of a quasi-terrorist attack using a toy paint gun on October 31, 2017. None in 2018, 2019, or 2020.

And now, barely two months into his presidency, Ahmad Alissa, a Syrian immigrant, shot ten people in Boulder, Colorado. While media tried to cover up the Jihadist motivation behind the killings, Alissa’s Facebook page featured quotes from Muhammad. He wrote on FB. “Muslims might not be perfect but Islam is.” He said the Muslim victims of the mass shooter in a Christchurch mosque were the victims of “Islamophobia.” In another post, he wrote, “So Mary wears a hijab and Jesus doesn’t eat pork and prays on his knees and hands. There (sic) both Muslims it’s obvious.”

So, with no domestic Jihadist attacks on Trump’s Watch, we have one in the first three months of the Biden presidency.

The intelligence community has been instructed by the Biden Administration to give priority to investigating and preventing white supremacist terrorist attacks, even if it means lessening the scrutiny according to Jihadist terror organizations.

In this policy announcement and in the revised Biden Administration policy towards Iran, the message has come through loud and clear to both Jihadist terrorists and would-be border smugglers: The coast is clear. Biden’s in charge.

We can expect more attacks. With the FBI and DHS instructed to look the other way — at domestic white supremacist groups — we may be sure that, even now, Jihadist terrorists are planning new outrages against us.

The price we pay for electing Biden.


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